3D cameras for system solutions

Calculation and Tracking of heavy traffic

3D cameras can be effective where traditional approaches of video analytics are inefficient.

Approaches of videodata analysis on the basis of matting are widely used in security and observation systems. Such approaches work well for detecting diverse objects, but are non-effective in analyzing heavy traffic.

3D cameras are still effective in these circumstances, they provide clear object separation using depth manuscript in particular high-quality calculation, tracking and analysis in heavy traffic.

Innovation sector

3D ToF cameras gives wide opportunities for innovations. Intelligent sensors is the  most impotent part of intellectual device or indoor robot.

Informative and robust 3D camera allow to solve complex tasks of localization, mapping navigation and recognition.

We ready to develop the special sensor system based on ToF technology directly for your project.

Object analysis on the assembly line

Our 3D cameras allow completing analysis of object sizes, forms and locations in real time, for instance, on the assembly line.

Based on this information object classification, accumulation of statistical performance, detection of divergence can be done.

Special offer
of system solutions

Our company provides cooperative development of system solution based on the 3D cameras for special customer needs.


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