The company was established in 2014 to implement the complex technological project of developing 3D cameras based on Time-of-Flight technology.

The project was successfully completed and the created developments formed the basis of our company. We managed to unite highly qualified professionals in our team and concentrate on 3D ToF cameras development and solutions based on them.

We extended our team by excellent software developers and separately by professionals in microeconomics area, it gave us the ability to realize complex projects from microelectronics to the software.

Our company is open for cooperation in the field of optic sensors, as well as joint development of solutions for applied tasks.

High expertise

Our team are strong professionals in electronics, optics, microelectronics. We have great experience in hardware and software development. We provide the high quality and cost effective solutions for special customer needs.

We closely interact with high school for executing research-intensive projects and extending the stuff of the company.


Our contracts contain points of complete confidentiality of all business and technical aspects of the deal and project. All IP, developed in the process of our work, is strictly protected as the client’s ownership.


We are a small company and exclude most part of administrative routine in our work.
If you hire us, you save money because you pay only for the project work, without any overheads.

Completed projects

  • 3D ToF cameras
  • Defect detection
  • Markers search
  • Engine controllers